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DIY Editions

Create, plant, and share your Pollinator Pathmaker DIY Edition: your very own editioned artwork for pollinators, and join us in planting the world’s largest climate-positive artwork. 

When you have a garden design you like, download and save your unique Planting Instructions. These contain your artwork edition number and a certificate of authenticity, your plant list and plans, and a quick planting guide (we also have a more detailed guide to planting and care). The Pollinator Pathmaker’s DIY Editions follow an unlimited editioning system. 

We want to see DIY Editions everywhere! The more Pollinator Pathmaker gardens near each other, the more each will help the others thrive.

Please note that DIY planting designs are for personal, non-commercial use only. We will consider applications to use a design free of charge if you want to plant a DIY Edition in a place which is not private, like a school or community space. If you're interested, please complete our short application form.

Check out our help page and our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Share photos of your DIY Edition via email or Instagram for the chance to be featured here or on @pollinatorpathmaker #pollinatorpathmaker.