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We’re inviting museums, botanical gardens, organisations, private collectors, and others to partner with the artist and the Eden Project and a growing network of institutions. Help us to grow Pollinator Pathmaker into the world’s largest climate-positive artwork by commissioning a bespoke Edition and a new regional Plant Palette.

Preparatory drawing by the artist of the Eden garden site, 2020.

These Editions can be much larger than the DIY Editions created on the website: the Eden Project Edition in Cornwall is 55m long and contains 7000 plants.

See our commissioned Editions.

Commissioning an international Edition Garden involves collaborating with Pollinator Pathmaker’s artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, and pollinator and horticultural experts in your region to create a new Plant Palette of locally-appropriate, pollinator-friendly plants. These palettes, including new plant paintings by the artist, are added to the pollinator.art garden creator tool, switching on more regions for local users. Inspired by your Edition, your visitors will be able to create their own smaller DIY Editions, seeding new clusters of living artworks for pollinators. 

Commissioning becomes an act of generosity, not just for pollinators, but also for local communities to join us in this global art-led campaign to help save pollinators. 

Get in touch to learn more about commissioning an Edition:

[email protected]

Digital rendering of a Pollinator Pathmaker algorithmic garden (detail).