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Get in touch for information on commissioning an Edition or for general enquiries.
[email protected]

DIY Editions

Complete our short application form if you’re interested in planting a DIY Edition in a school or community space.


Check out our resources section for help and how to plant. We can’t answer your gardening questions, so head over to our gardening friends at Candide for information about plants and a gardening community. For gardens in Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark and beyond, we recommend Wir sind Garten.

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Share your DIY Edition photos

We’d love to share photos of your DIY Edition in our gallery and on our social media platforms. Tell us more and send them by email to [email protected] or message us on Instagram @pollinatorpathmaker.

Please note

If you send us photographs via our social media accounts such as Instagram or via email of the garden you have created based on your DIY Edition, copyright in your photographs remains with you but you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-revocable and worldwide licence for the duration of copyright in your photographs for the purpose of promoting the artwork, Pollinator Pathmaker. We will have the right to sub-licence your photographs to our partner, Eden Project Limited, and share your photographs with press and media outlets for the same marketing purpose. Additional licensing terms may apply if you share your photographs with us on Instagram or other social media platforms. Please read Instagram’s or any other social media platforms’ terms and conditions carefully prior to sharing your photographs on such social media platforms.